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The Most Important 20 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent (For Buyers)

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1.  How do you go about pre-qualifying your client for a mortgage loan?

2.  How will I know that the mortgage loan type you recommend is best for me (us)?

3.  Why do I have to put an Earnest Money Deposit on the property and what exactly is the purpose of the deposit?

4.  What does closing costs consist of and who should pay them and why?

5.  Who gets to choose the closing attorney and who will they represent?

6.  Why are real estate taxes community association assessments, utilities, and other fees pro-rated?

7.  Can I (we) unilaterally extend the closing date and for how long?

8.  Can you explain the types of deeds available and what type will I get assuming I purchase the property in question?

9.  Is a survey, termite letter and title insurance reqired and who will pay for it?

10.  If the property is damaged prior to closing what is my (our) recourse?

11.  Who’s responsibility is it to inspect the property and neighborhood?

12.  What is the due diligence period and should I choose to purchase this property as-is or subject to a due diligence period?

13.  If the deal falls through, who keeps the earnest money that I (we) submitted with the contract?

14.  What are agency relationships and which one do you recommend, and why?

15.  Who pays the brokerage commission?

16.  What are the seller’s/buyer’s disclosure requirements and how will it benefit me (us)?

17.  As a real estate agent what are your legal requirements for disclosure?

18.  How must notice of acceptance be delivered and in what form?

19.  What are other provisions that you feel are important?

20.  What are exhibits, addenda, and special stipulations and why are they needed?

If they are hesitant and/or can’t adequately answer and explain in a manner that you can understand, you might want to select another real estate agent.

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For answers to the 20 most important questions to ask your agent please make the request in the "Contact Us" box belowand I will be sure to forward the answers to you.


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