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Credit Improvement
Learn What You Can Do Now To Improve Your Credit


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Learn How "10 Steps To Improving Your Finances" Can Lead To Financial Success For You & Your Family... 

Learn All About "Credit Reports & Credit Scores"... 

Learn how you can  continuously "Improve and Maintain" your credit for the rest of your life... 

Learn what you need to know if you are "new to credit"... 

Learn whether or not you should obtain a "Credit Freeze"... 

Learn what you need to do to increase your "understanding of credit cards"... 

Learn how you can reach your "Financial Goals" more effectively and efficiently

Learn how "Financial Statements" can help you reach your Financial Goals... 

Learn what you can do if you are in a "Distressed or Difficult Financial Situation"... 

Improving Your Credit

Improving your credit should be one of your primary goals if you are in the process of trying to improve your living conditions and that of your family's.

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Learn how to apply the— “Keys to Success”—in your life

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Just as a six month emergency fund is the foundation for creating wealth and improving your financial condition, improving your credit and credit score is at the foundation of building credit so that you can effectively reach your and your family's goals.

The ability to improve your credit situation and turn things around so that you and your family can reach your goals lies within you.

It is imperative that you use your credit and finances wiselyfurthermore, improving your credit is really not that difficult if you have the proper mindset and cash flow.

To see what you can do NOW to improve your CREDIT REPORTS and CREDIT SCORESclick here... 

You should also formulate financial goals so that you can more effectively reach your desired goals. If you find yourself in a distressed situation there are things you can do now to help improve your situation.

There are ways to further increase your knowledge and understanding of your credit and credit scores.

There are proven techniques that you can use to improve your credit for the rest of your life . You should also know what lenders look for and other factors that affect your credit and credit scores. 

Improving and maintaining your credit should be taken seriously by you and your family members.

With the right approach you can improve your credit. I have worked with many past clients whose credit scores were fairly low (low to mid 500’s) and have seen them increase dramatically (700’s) within 24 months.

If you do not have bankruptcies, liens, judgments or other public record data you can improve your credit situation fairly quickly with the right cash flow and a concerted effort.

If you have bankruptcies, liens, judgments or public record data the process may be longer and more difficult, howeveryou too can improve your credit if you take the right approach and you have the right cash flow.

Be sure to click on all of the links above as you will find helpful, thought provoking practical advice that will put you on a positive path to not only improving your credit position, but also your (and that of your family's) financial position for the rest of your life.

Also, for those who are considering purchasing a short sale or selling your current home as a short sale—there are key concerns that you must be aware of.

Again, credit will be a key factor—as in most cases the purchaser will have to be pre-approved and a pre-approval letter will have to be submitted to the lender unless purchasing with cash. 

A Word of Caution:

Also, use caution if you are considering a credit repair or loan modification company. Many of the companies have been implicated in fraudulent and unscrupulous behavior towards unsuspecting consumers.

Never pay up front!  If a credit repair or loan modification company is as good as they say they are they should be in a financial position to operate professionally—therefore, they should not charge you a fee until after you see the results.

You should also be aware of companies who provide short term credit improvement for clients and then the credit that was improved or removed re-appear.

A wiser approach is to do your own credit improvement by disputing inaccurate information in your credit files and getting erroneous data removed.

After doing that you should concentrate on getting your outstanding debt levels as low as possible by paying down your outstanding balances.

That is a highly effective way at improving your credit—and as an added bonus it did not cost you anything except your valuable time.

However, you would now know what it takes to improve your credit and you would now be in a position to help your family and friends improve their credit and finances. 

The credit repair industry is ripe with abuse, so do your best not to fall victim to their antics.

Also be aware of debt-consolidation companies and those who recommend that you use them and also those who recommend that you file bankruptcy!

Keep in mind that if you truly need to file bankruptcyit is important that you do so before you deplete your retirement accounts and other accounts as those accounts are in many cases protected against creditors!

In many cases I have worked with past clients where after reviewing their financial data and current circumstances the actions that were recommended by debt consolidation companies and attorneys were not in their best interest.

Many could have managed their way out of their situation by tightening up their budget and making other strategic moves!

In addition, be aware that debt consolidators usually charge high fees (a significant monthly fee) that can add up into the thousands over time and also possibly other fees hidden in the fine printor otherwise not made readily apparent to you.

Your credit will also be severely affected whether you utilize a debt consolidation company or if you file bankruptcy. 

If you are now behind on your credit obligations your credit may already be damaged!

It is imperative that you use competent professionals and don't be afraid to get several opinions as the decisions you make could affect your credit and lifestyle for years to come. 

Also, continue to visit this site and use the "site map" on the home page and also be sure to visit our companion site as you will have access to countless financial and real estate tips and advice that can prevent you from getting into a difficult financial position again!

For those of you with great credit I commend you for being proactive and keeping yourself and your family in a winning financial position.

You too will find helpful and insightful information scattered throughout this site. Use the "site map on the home page" to find a topic of interest to you and your family. 

One Final Thought

This page is my best attempt to share with you what I have learned over the past twenty plus years to help you get on a positive credit and financial path.

Use the information wisely and be sure to comprehend the information at your highest level.

Doing so will prevent you from making the same mistakes that many past consumers have made on their journey to improving their credit and financial position.

We feel that this "Credit Improvement" page is the most empowering site for consumers on the internet.

Please spread the word about this page and site. By doing so we will be able to serve you better in the future. 

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Learn how to apply the— “Keys to Success”—in your life

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Thomas (TJ) Underwood has been providing financial advice as a tax practitioner since the mid 1980’s and began his financial planning career (while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Finance/Marketing), in Detroit at Wayne State University.  From 2010 up to the present he continues to provide visitors timely personal finance and wealth building advice and articles—including real estate advice—on 3 sites that he has created since 2010. 

Even though he is an active real estate Broker in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, he continues to blog consistently to help visitors and those who desire lasting financial and life changing success the opportunity to change their life for the better in a more efficient way. 

You can learn more about him and gain access to all three sites that he has created by going to Who is the creator of page.

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