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Synergy & Personal FinanceLearn why you must attack your credit and finances in a systematic manner

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How You Can Use Synergy to Improve Your Personal Finances

As I contemplated this page, I thought to myself—what is a topic that I need to discuss at this time that can really move consumers forward in a powerful way—in their credit, finance and other areas of their life—to improve the credit, real estate and financial lives of consumers worldwide in a highly effective manner.

I then came up with “synergy and personal finance” based on what I know this topic can do for the lives of consumers from around the world.

In this discussion our goal is to explain the topic thoroughly and in a manner that you can readily understand and benefit from.

Did you know that “Synergy” is living your life in balance—in a real way—in all that you do?

is having two or more things in your life function togetherto produce a result at a level that is not independently obtainable—you must have all areas of your life “working together" in a “real and meaningful way” if you desire to reach the goals and objectives that you want for yourself and your family in a more efficient manner!

By doing so you will help get the ball of "momentum" moving in a more forceful manner!

In the area of your credit and finances you must have a clear objective of your future goals and you must have the knowledge and preparation that is needed for success.

You must have mental, spiritual and physical balance in your life!

Maintaining and improving your credit and finances lie at the center of you obtaining the “synergy” that is needed to move yourself and your family forward in an effective and efficient manner.

You must also understand “Compensating Factors” as it relates to your credit and finances because it too—will play a role in possibly helping you obtain the “synergy” that is needed in your life—so that you can move forward effectively.

Below—we will look at how you can use compensating factors to help you gain the “synergy” in your life that is needed for success at a high level.

Synergy as it relates to your “Insurance” can be explained as follows:

If you had a very high net worth you could choose to self-insure and that would “compensate” or counterbalance the fact that you did not purchase—say health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance or homeowners insurance—etcetera.

Synergy as it relates to your “Home Purchase” can be explained as follows:

If you were to purchase a home and you were to receive an inheritance from a trust in two years of—say $100,000 and you currently didn’t have a large down payment or an emergency fund and you decided to purchase a home with say—3.5% down—the fact that you would be receiving $100,000 in two years would “compensate or counterbalance” your lack of a large down payment and a properly funded emergency fund—or retirement account—to a degree depending on your age and other factors—thereby improving the synergy in many areas of your life.

Synergy as it relates to your “Home Mortgage” can be explained as follows:

If you were to purchase a home and you obtained a mortgage in your name only—and had another household member who would be contributing to the household expenses, that too—could compensate or counterbalance your lack of an emergency fund—because it could possibly put you in position to save a six month emergency fund in an efficient manner—after you purchased your home—thereby, putting your finances back in balance—in a real way.

The key when utilizing "compensating factors" when you purchase your home (or at any time) is that you must have a well thought out plan in place that you intend to follow—otherwise you may end up in a worse position than you were in prior to your home purchase (or other transaction)—and the “synergy” in your life will move in the wrong direction.

You must understand your current credit and financial position in a thorough manner prior to your home purchase or any other credit or financial maneuver that you may have in mind.

By doing so you will improve the “synergy” in your life and increase the odds of a successful future in all areas of your life.

On this site we try to explain timely credit and financial concerns in a manner that can really benefit consumers in a real and meaningful way.

By understanding how to more effectively utilize the “synergy” that exists in your life you make your future success in all areas of your life more likely to occur!

You now have a better understanding of how you can use “synergy” (the interaction of events in your life) to produce results that are greater than what you could do if you looked at your situation in a haphazard manner—and not part of a comprehensive whole.

You now have the knowledge of how to use synergism (to get better results in your life) to improve your future goals and objectives in all areas of your life in a more effective manner.

Our new book that hits the market this year will further help you improve the “synergy” in your life in a real way and will help re-define the way that success is achieved for consumers in an even more forceful and effective manner in all areas of their credit and finances!

As we look to the future we will continue to look for new ways to improve the “synergy” in your life!

Our goal is to not only focus on new ways that we can assist consumers worldwide in improving their credit and finances in an effective manner—but to also improve upon the existing content on this site!

We thank you for visiting and we ask that you continue to improve your credit, finances and living conditions to a high level for yourself and your family.

By navigating this site you can gain the knowledge that will help you improve the “synergy” in your credit, real estate and financial life—and all other areas of concern in your life that you and your family may have!


Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Content Writer

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Thomas (TJ) Underwood has been providing financial advice as a tax practitioner since the mid 1980’s and began his financial planning career (while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Finance/Marketing), in Detroit at Wayne State University.  From 2010 up to the present he continues to provide visitors timely personal finance and wealth building advice and articles—including real estate advice—on 3 sites that he has created since 2010. 

Even though he is an active real estate Broker in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, he continues to blog consistently to help visitors and those who desire lasting financial and life changing success the opportunity to change their life for the better in a more efficient way. 

You can learn more about him and gain access to all three sites that he has created by going to Who is the creator of page.

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