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Utility Services in Peachtree City
—Learn about utility services in Peachtree City, Georgia

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Telephone Service:



Business...800-499-7928…..Repair 800-286-8313

Charter Communications……877-728-3814 or

Comcast…..800-266-2278 or

You can also choose the cell phone company of your choice as the area is serviced by most cell phone companies.

Golf Cart Supplies & Companies:

Golf Cars

Peachtree City,  Golf-Cars Inc. (770-631-2950)

Golf Rider Inc. (770-632-7515)

Bulldog Supply (770-487-8750)

John's Golf Car Service (770-487-1092)

3Guys Golfcarts (678-992-4000)

Kari's Kart Accessories (770-316-3189)

Golf Cart Enclosures & Seat Covers

Fayette County Water:

Fayette County Water System…..770-461-6029

Crosstown Drive Regions Bank—Water Payment Drop-box location

Peachtree City Water & Sewerage Authority (WASA)…..770-487-7993 

Electric Power:

Coweta/Fayette EMC…..770-502-0226…

Georgia Power…..888-660-5890…..Power Outage…..888-891-0938

To learn about energy saving tips go to:

Gas Providers:

Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas…..877-746-4362

Georgia Public Service Commission…..800-282-5813 or go online to compare companies at:—you have the option of choosing from a number of companies. 

Atlanta...State...National...and International Transportation:

Greyhound Bus Service…..Atlanta Station…..404-584-1728


MARTA or Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority…..404-848-5000…..TTY…..404-848-5665…..Marta Mobility…..404-848-5389…..Reservations…..404-848-5826 or logon to

Xpress Commuter Service…..404-463-4782…..TTY…..404-463-8351

Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport…..404-209-2920…..Customer Service……800-897-1910 or log on to 

Drug Stores In Peachtree City:

In addition to pharmacies at Kroger, Publix Target and Wal-Mart You can also choose among the following:



Publix (770-486-2026)

Rite-Aid (770-487-6877)

Walgreens (770-487-4307)

CVS (770-486-1639)


Kroger (770-487-3749)

Rite-Aid (Near Publix) (770-631-3766)

Publix (770) 486-5559



Kroger (770) 486-7211

Target (770) 282-2166


Rite-Aid (770-487-6877)

Wal-Mart (770) 632-6454


Vitamin and Health Stores In Peachtree City:


GNC 770-487-1113—Braelinn Village

Peachtree Natural Foods (770) 487-8288—Glenloch Village

GNC (770) 631-7017—Kedron Village

My Nutrition Source—(770) 631-3297—Industrial Village

Taxicab Service In Peachtree City

AA Aces Cab 770-632-1144

Phoenix Star 770-631-0989

Phoenix Star Taxi & Limousine Service—770-486-1744

Taxi Mio.....Fayetteville—770-460-0098

Budget Motorcoach.....Fayetteville—770-719-9322 

Important Telephone Directory Assistance Numbers:

For numbers outside your local calling area dial: 1-area code-555-1212

For local numbers dial: 411

Georgia Relay—Dial 711 for communication between hearing, deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired persons which is available 24 hours a day.

Call Before You Dig:  811

Federal Do Not Call Lists:

You can register by calling 1-888-382-1222 or register online at 

Dial 2-1-1 for info on Human Services and other resources available in your community including the following:

* Basic Needs

* Childcare Services

* Crisis Intervention

* Elderly Care Services

* Financial Assistance

* Government Programs

* Health Care Referrals

* Volunteer Information…and more


Police ........ 911 or 770-487-8866

Fayette County Sheriff....... 770-461-6353

Fire........ 911 or 770-631-2526

Animal Control....... 770-631-7210

Driver's License....... 678-413-8400

Car Tags........ 770-461-3611

Peachtree CityCity Hall....... 770-487-7657

Parks & Recreation (Room Rental Available)........ 770-631-2542

Peachtree City Library......... 770-631-2520

Peachtree City Recycling Center........ 770-487-5183

Board of Education........ 770-460-3535

Kedron Pool........ 770-631-2525

The Gathering Place (Room Rental Available)........ 770-631-2553

The Bridge Community Center....... 770-487-9289

New Neighbors League........ 770-486-9116 

Post Office: 770-486-1187


151 Highway 74 South

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Cardsmart Store:

Postal service location in Braelinn Village Shopping Center at the rear of Cardsmart Store!


10am-7pm—Mon-Sat.- 770-486-1222

USPS drop-box in front of store.

The UPS Store:

Braelinn Village Shopping Center—770-486-8244

Pak Mail:

Wilshire Shopping Center (Publix Hwy. 74 South)

Pak Mail:

Kedron Village Near Target

The UPS Store:

Near Kedron Village Kroger

Pak Mail:

Glenloch Village (Near Publix on Hwy. 54 at the Peachtree East Shopping Center)

Office Depot:

(Hwy. 54 W near Home Depot/Wal-mart)


(Hwy. 74 near Hwy. 54) 

Cable & Satellite:

Charter Communications 877-728-3814

Comcast 800-266-2278





Residential Curb-Side Sanitation Companies that are approved in Peachtree City:

It is important that you realize rates are set by the companies. Your neighborhood or community may be able to negotiate for lower rates for your neighborhood so if you are interested in lower rates coordinate a plan with your neighbors.

The base rate for the approved companies in Peachtree City are listed below. All Companies bill on a quarterly basis. Their phone number and other contact information is listed below.


Call or visit web site for information on temporary fuel surcharge

$46.00 + fuel surcharge


2) REPUBLIC / Allied Waste / EPI / Environmental Partners / All South Robertson / BFI

• Participating in Recycle Bank—credit for recycling redeemable at local stores - View initial bi-weekly recycling pickup schedule on their website



3) WASTE INDUSTRIES/ Cardinal Sanitation / Titan Sanitation / CLM






How Did Garbage Collection & Recycling Come About in Peachtree City?

In August 2009, the Mayor and Council of Peachtree City approved contracts with five sanitation (currently four) companies to provide residential curbside garbage and recycling collection.

The companies and their base price for both garbage and recycling are listed above (the companies set and change their own rates). 

The above rates include the City's $1.00 Franchise Fee, imposed to help address litter problems and to increase recycling programs and education through Keep Peachtree City Beautiful.

More Helpful Tips:

Check with individual companies for additional services and prices (extra carts, yard debris, bulky waste, back door service), and discount rates for whole subdivisions.

If your garbage company is not listed above or if you see operators not listed above in your subdivision, please contact Peachtree City—Betsy Tyler.

Be sure to have your garbage and recyclables out early as the time of pick-up can be early or late. Also, respect your neighbors by putting out and taking in your garbage cannisters in a timely manner. 


Please contact your company for a recycling bin at no additional cost. Recycling can have a positive effect on the environment and you won't have a separate fee if you live in Peachtree City.

Based on the Peachtree City Franchise Agreement, all companies must accept at least the following recyclables:

• Newspaper

• Glass containers

• Aluminum beverage and bimetal cans

• HDPE and PET plastic containers

• Cardboard

Other Key Points To Remember:

All companies are “required” to provide both garbage collection and recycling service as part of their base rate. Residents are NOT required to participate in recycling, but it is available at no additional cost and helps reduce the landfill volume on planet earth.

Please contact your provider for a recycling bin as it is a part of the base rate and will help your environment as well.

Many companies have recently been purchased in the sanitation industry—however, the garbage canisters may still have the old names. If your company is not listed above, they will have to contact the City for approval to continue providing service within the City limits. 

Please contact Peachtree City—Betsy Tyler about companies not included in the full lists above as they may be operating in the City illegallykeep in mind that many sanitation companies have merged operations.

To ensure that the recyclables are truly being recycled each quarter, the companies authorized to use Peachtree City streets for residential solid waste collection will be required to submit reports on the total tonnage collected of both garbage and recyclables.

It is City policy that Peachtree City staff and Keep Peachtree City Beautiful (KPTCB) audit those reports to ensure that the reported recyclables are being taken to the recycling companies. The overall goal is to see in an increase in recyclables in the coming year(s). 


Choose the HVAC, Yard Maintenance, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning and other service providers that you are comfortable with.

Use quality references and make sure that you are truly ready for the home ownership experience.

As a homeowner you must look at all of the costs of home ownership—not just what is glamorized.

Home Ownership is a serious endeavor and should be approached in the right manner.

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Shop on eBay----Shop on My New Book

Learn how to apply the— “Keys to Success”—in your life

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