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Wealth Building Now Sample Chapter

1-2-3 Credit & Me: Learn how you can Stabilize, Improve & Maintain your credit throughout your lifetime (Part of the Real Estate & Finance 360 Degrees Series of Books Book 6) by THOMAS (TJ) UNDERWOOD  | Sold by: Services LLC | Oct 19, 2020, updated Summer 2023

What's inside 1-2-3...




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Wealth Building Now—new book sample chapter...

Who is Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Wealth Building Now copyright© 2024 paperback $14.95 now available on

ISBN: 978-1-953994-22-6

Also available on Kindle in e-book form for only $9.95

Learn what is inside Wealth Building Now...

In Wealth Building Now Thomas (TJ) Underwood has used his ability to simplify the wealth building process so that all who desire success can achieve just that in the current economy—or any economy.   

He has used the freedom of thought and action (advertisers, investment brokerages and others play no role in content creation) to create Wealth Building Now at this time so that all who desire wealth building success can use the abilities that they have within to transform their future into that of lasting success.

Since 2014 Thomas (TJ) Underwood has been providing new ways of understanding personal finance for worldwide visitors on  His goal is to use his life force or gift to help others achieve at their highest level of excellence in the building of wealth at the various stages of their life.

He has been blogging since 2010 and by simplifying the wealth building process he has helped thousands around the world achieve financial freedom.  He receives his inspiration to continue writing to help benefit others based on the results that others achieve and the constant success stories that are communicated by visitors. 

He also believes that his life force or purpose for being here at this time is to share helpful financial advice with others with no strings attached and at a level of consistency that is unmatched by anything in the blogosphere.

Because he uses many of the strategies and techniques that are espoused on and the countless books and blog articles, he too is on a serious path toward success.

In Wealth Building Now, you won’t find highly sophisticated wealth building techniques that you can’t understand or principles that are discussed and explained in a manner that you can’t implement in your life.  Quite the contrary, he writes in a style that is easily comprehended and can be put into action by you if you are at this time sincere in the building of wealth.

Wealth Building Now is fittingly the 10th book written by author Thomas (TJ) Underwood and consists of 10 chapters, Appendix A, B and C and a Bonus Section on Investment Simplification and the book is designed to get you moving fast in the building of wealth in this economy—or any economy.

On this 10th year since the creation of, Wealth Building NOW is now available to guide those who want to think more, feel more, and take action in a more excellent way to achieve lasting wealth building goals, do just that at this time by utilizing 10 time tested principles that they can implement in their life today.

Wealth Building NOW

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data


Publisher:  TFA Financial Planning

Copyright© 2024 by Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Wealth Building NOW provides you a concise and to the point guide on how you and others can use 10 success principles to build wealth and have comprehensive effectiveness as you manage your finances—an opportunity to do just that more precisely at this time.

Printed in the United States of America


Text design by Thomas (TJ) Underwood

Wealth Building NOW

10 Guiding Principles for Wealth Building Success in Any Economic Environment

Introduction 8

Chapter 1

Adversity—You must always respond positively to adversity 22

Chapter 2

Character—You must operate with character at all times 32

Chapter 3

Excellence—You must have a track record of excelling and doing what is needed 45

Chapter 4

Imagination—You must have the ability to dream big and act 57

Chapter 5

Focus—You must zoom in on and pursue what you desire with laser like focus 70

Chapter 6

Confidence—You must know within your mind and heart that you truly desire to set yourself apart 96

Chapter 7

Control—You must always know that if you do what you need to do, you can control your outcomes (you must be reliable and always do what you need to do) 114

Chapter 8

Creativity—You must know how to use your creativity to achieve even more 134

Chapter 9

Determination—Your determination level will determine if you really want the wealth building success that you are pursuing 146

Chapter 10

Destiny—Your destiny will be determined by the actions that you take on a consistent basis 154

Appendix A

10 additional topics of interest 175

Appendix B

The 3 Step Structured Approach (A Comprehensive Financial Management System) 186

Appendix C

Thomas (TJ) Underwood Author/Blogger 212

BONUS SECTION: Investment Simplification & Wealth Building 214

You can “ace” your understanding of wealth building “if” you have the confidence, control, creativity, and determination to reach your destiny!

Once you combine the success formula or 10 principles (inside your mind and heart) and you decide to give it your absolute best consistently, you will begin to synergistically achieve major success and build wealth at a level that is your absolute best!

Wealth Building Now is written in a conversational style that is designed to effectively communicate helpful principles that can lead to more success for you and your family. 

Wealth Building Now is written in a bold, authoritative and most importantly, results oriented style that is designed to provide you the understanding that you need, so that you can sincerely succeed.

Sample of Book (caution: 20 minute read) 


Chapter 5

FocusYou must zoom in and pursue what you desire with laser like focus

It is important that you understand that properly focusing helps you attain your goals in a more efficient and effective manner and helps you see your future from the right perspective by blocking out all negative interference that you may have in your life, so that you can achieve more.

Proper preparation on your part will go a long way in giving you the “proper focus” that is needed for your and your family’s future credit and finance success.

By comprehending this chapter at your highest level, you can learn how to improve your focus daily so that you can attain the goals that will serve your and your family's best long-term interests!

If you see your credit and financial future clearly and you focus on what is truly important by utilizing the empowering credit and finance information in this book, you can reach your goals and objectives in not only an effective manner but also a more efficient manner.

Proper focus allows you to concentrate on what is truly important and will take you and your family to where you need or want to be!

If your goal is to manage and improve your credit and finances to a high level, you can do so if you have the right focus.

Having the right focus means concentrating on your future goals and objectives with laser like precision.

By having the know-how of what you need to do and actually knowing how you can improve your credit and finances to a high level you can put yourself in position for major success in your and your family's future.

If you use your know-how, proper execution and proper focus—all working in conjunction, you make your and your family’s future success much more likely to occur.

It is also important that you include written goal setting as part of your focusing efforts if you truly want to reach your and your family’s future goals.

Focusing allows you to make room in your mind to put what you really want to “achieve” at the forefront of your mental thought process on a daily basis.

“Proper focus” requires that you block out all negative distractions in your life and not let the opinions of others deter you from reaching your goals.

Did you know that there are basically 3 ways that you can approach occurrences that will happen in your life or that may happen around you?

1) there are things in life that you absolutely cannot change

2) there are things in life that you could possibly change—but you are often reluctant to do so for varying reasons

3) there are things that are totally under your control, and you have the power to do something about in a meaningful and significant way—today

The 3rd option—mentioned above is what this book focuses on, and it is what you too should spend your energy focusing on if you desire to maximize your future success!

You must focus on things that you can do something about RIGHT NOW—at this time!

By "consciously or unconsciously" focusing on the 1st or 2nd option above by complaining, making excuses and otherwise letting distractions rule over you on a consistent basis, you are displaying a lack of understanding of how to truly transform your future.

And by doing so you are taking your focus in a direction that does not best serve your long-term interests!

Because you can't or often won't do anything about what you can't change—or possibly change you are wasting time and mental energy that you could be using to focus on things that you can change and things that you absolutely have the power to change!

By properly focusing and using written goals you give your mind even more clarity and your daily mindset will be improved because you will know with certainty that if you focus and do what you put in writing, your future goals will be attained!

Don’t let your dreams, thoughts, ideas, theories, and goals die inside of your mind!  Put them in writing and then take action and “properly focus” to make what you desire a reality!

Did you know that some of your most powerful thoughts and ideas (inside your mind) will float away and possibly never return if you don’t put them in writing or record your thoughts and ideas in some other manner?

By putting your thoughts, ideas and goals in writing you can improve your focus and reach your and your family's credit, financial, and life goals in a more efficient manner!

Proper Focus means that you are paying attention to your future goals at such a high level that you see your success clearly and you know in your mind and heart that you will not be distracted along the way!

You know with a high level of certainty that you are “truly serious” and you intend on reaching your future goals in an efficient and effective manner!

Proper focus is a quality that you must have if you desire to attain your goals and objectives in an efficient manner.

If you sincerely want success for yourself and your family, you must focus on reaching your goals at your highest level of thought.

Doing so will put you on a path to true success!

Once you focus and attain your goals on a consistent basis, you will put yourself in position to enjoy your life on your terms. 

You will no longer be at a disadvantage in your credit, financial, and other areas of your life.

You must have a yearning, passion and true desire to reach your goals—whatever they may be!

If you are "properly focused" and you have a "true desire" to reach your credit and financial goals—others will feel and see your enthusiasm and your future success will be more likely to occur.

Likewise, if you are not properly focused and you are not truly determined to reach your credit and financial goals—your future success will be less likely to occur and others will feel your lack of enthusiasm.

It is important that you focus your thoughts on what you desire, and likewise—you must desire what you focus on!

There is no reason why you should focus on (waste energy)—whether consciously or unconsciously, things that you can't do anything about or things that you won't do anything about—if you desire to attain success in a more effective and efficient manner!

Always remember that to be highly successful, you must "properly focus" and you must have “passion” in whatever you do!  You must not pursue your goals in a half-hearted manner if you desire to achieve at your highest level!

Use the knowledge that you have learned in this chapter to your and your family's best advantage!

Proper preparation and proper focus along with a burning desire to succeed on the inside—along with a high level of determination will take your success to a high level.

Do you have "staying power" when things get tough?

You already know that the way that you “look at life” and how you respond to adversity is the key to your and your family's future success!

You must be "unstoppable" in your journey toward reaching your goals and objectives! 

No obstacle or adversity that you encounter should detour (or deter) you from reaching your and your family's future credit and financial goals!

You must always focus on what you want to bring into existence, and you must bring into existence that which you want—by properly focusing on what you desire!

You cannot merely talk about what you desire, think about what you desire or dream about what you desire!  You must focus and take consistent action and make what you desire—a reality! 

When you really get down to it, execution is all that really counts!

You must also find out what you are passionate about and what your true calling or gift in your life really is!

You must not do like many who live their life inappropriately and when they reach their golden years they look back in regret after knowing that they had the gift to do more.

You must realize that you now have the potential to achieve many of your credit and financial goals by reading this book—however, “potential to do so” is really nothing in the grand scheme of things!

Until you sincerely decide to put into action that which can really benefit you and your family on a consistent basis, potential serves no real purpose!

You can change the patterns of your past and do more in your life!  You can change your future for the better in a major way—starting today!

Wealth Building NOW provides you a "real opportunity" to re-calibrate your mind and provides you the opportunity to master the mental working knowledge that you need to succeed—BIG TIME!

What do you really desire at this time? 

You must now find out what you really desire in your future, properly focus and properly prepare your mind and heart to make it happen!

You now have a clearer understanding of what you need to do and focus on to make “what you desire” a reality—now go do it!

Goal setting and properly focusing require a concerted effort on your part, and it all starts inside your mind and heart. 

The wrong actions of others should not bother you as much as the wrong actions that “you” take or the mistakes that you make!  You control your future, and you decide the amount of focus, commitment, and effort that you will exert daily.

You must pursue your goals with zeal, and you must pay attention or focus on what is important in your future!  What is motivating you to currently give it your absolute best?  You can utilize “attentive focus” to “stretch your mind” and achieve more by setting significant goals and doing your best in terms of focus, commitment, and effort to reach the goals that you desire most. 

By formulating those goals that are most important to you and seeing them already accomplished and putting in the required effort, the atmosphere for them to materialize can be created—and the actual focus and action will lead to the goals being achieved by you.

It is imperative that you realize that nothing major occurs until you leave excuses behind and properly focus and act on what you want to see become real!

Even though Wealth Building NOW is a book that is designed to inspire and encourage you to do more in your life—the focus, commitment and effort that is needed for you to achieve your goals MUST come from inside of you.

In closing, let’s now discuss in greater detail how you can improve the focus commitment and effort in your life and achieve the goals that you desire more efficiently.

Don’t continue to hinder what you can accomplish by setting limits within your mind!

You must not let your past circumstances (or current circumstances) put out the light and dim your dreams!  You must AIM high in spite of where your mind and heart currently resides—and reload and fire again in spite of failure or less than desirable outcomes.

Success must be your barometer and guiding principle in your life and you must not let anything—or anyone deter you from moving to action in a manner that takes you toward the success that you desire.

Something big and beyond what you think you can do lies in the horizon! 

Don’t lose that vision that you have inside of you to do something big during your lifetime. 

Determine right now to set major goals and make the decision to never quit until you achieve them by properly focusing.  Your hope and vision of your future must be made real by you by visualizing it—and taking real steps (focus, commitment and effort) toward truly achieving your vision!

You want to have focus, and a vision of what you want to accomplish. Action is responding appropriately to what you see and the more focused you are, the more likely you are to take the right action and accomplish your goals. 

Actuality or realization is experiencing in real time what you hoped for, planned for, worked hard for, and properly focused on and visualized—using faith as a guide to take you there!

Now is the time and season in your life that you unleash the force that is within you to give your hopes and vision a real chance to materialize in your life by moving to action on a consistent basis from this day forward with increased focus as your guiding light. 

If you get an “active mindset” and not follow the crowd, you can do more in a day than many do in a week—not because you are so great but because you “put in motion a plan within your mind” to take consistent action—and you followed through on that plan in a sincere, focused and determined manner. 

If you lack the ability or desire at this time to act, you can develop the ability to take consistent action if you sincerely desire to do so.  However, the decision to do so must start inside of you—and it is your participation that will make your goals and dreams come true. 

It is important that you realize that the life that you live can be improved significantly if you make a sincere and determined effort at this time to raise the bar and pursue your goals with more focus on a daily basis.

There really is no stopping a mind that is made up and that is properly focused, committed, and willing to put in the required effort consistently. 

What is your motive for going after what you truly desire to achieve in a more focused manner?  Challenge yourself to utilize your mind, body, and soul at a higher level—daily—right now! 

If you take the first step you will find out that the power to do what needs to be done is already within you—just waiting for you to make a sincere and focused effort at achieving what you desire. 

Pursuing your goals in the right manner will not cause you to feel miserable no matter how adverse your situation is because you will see your goals clearly and know that the outcomes that you desire will occur. 

Always realize that you can’t correct that which you are unable or unwilling to confront!  What you may now feel is impossible, is possible if you allow your mind to dwell in an environment where all things are possible.

Just as Wealth Building NOW and the success of this book at inception was brought into existence by having the focus, commitment and effort that was required on a consistent basis that was necessary to make this book a success—you too can do the same with your dreams and vision—in your area of choice! 

How you see your current situation and future success is critical! 

If you can’t see the other side of the mountain (your future situation) you must get a better view by rising (flying over) and looking over the mountain—then you will see the other side and know how to get there much more efficiently. 

Likewise, if you get a better view—and you can see or visualize a better path to your future financial success—you can also get there more efficiently! 

Change your position, change your view, and change your future by approaching your future in a more intelligent, consistent, and proactive manner—whether it be with your building of wealth or any other area of your life. 

The way that you are looking at your current finances may be from a limited view because you don’t have a comprehensive or more focused approach where you can see over the mountain and "know" the best way to go over around or through it.

By changing your view, you will be on your way to getting the outcomes that you desire on a more consistent basis.

You can get a full view of the mountain, forest, rivers, and anything else that may be obstructing your view (future). 

If you get a full view (comprehensive picture) of your finances—you will not only see your positive outcomes in a more focused way, but you will work even harder to bring those outcomes into existence because you will take the right actions to get momentum rolling to actually make what you desire materialize more efficiently.

Wealth Building NOW is designed to create excitement, movement and provide you a way of focusing on your future in a manner that will allow you to achieve your dreams more effectively.

In the end realize that there is a lot that you can do to improve your credit and finances.  Also realize that there is a lot that can keep you where you are now at if you fail to focus properly and take the right action! 

Are you trying to rationalize your inaction currently or are you ready for a challenging but more rewarding future?

What have you done for not only yourself but others as well?  In the end, it is how you affected others on planet earth that really counts!

Be sure to set some meaningful and significant goals today and go after them with all of the gusto that you can muster up inside. 

The success that you desire will take you higher if you visualize your future and put in the focus, commitment and effort that is required!

Wealth Building NOW provides you the nucleus (opportunity) to take action and start on a path toward achieving your dreams more efficiently, whether by the effective use of this book or any other method that you feel is appropriate.

Now is the time that you not only hope for successful outcomes, but now is the time that you believe in yourself like never before and know deep within that without a doubt something good is going to happen in your life daily because you are in control, and you know what you need to focus on.

Decide right now to start on a path of living with joy on the inside, living with high spirits on the inside and feeling good about your future on the inside—and the outside—as you are now on a smoother glide.

By doing so your journey to success will be a much smoother ride!

In closing, 5 steps that you can take NOW to improve your focus and reach financial success in a timelier manner will be presented.

It is important that you realize that regardless of where you are now at, there are times in your life that “you will lose focus” and you must then get back on track.

You can re-focus your mind for success or adjust your mind and daily habits to achieve more in your life. 

You possess the ability to achieve at a much higher level daily and it all starts with using your mind and heart in more engaging and creative ways! 

As it relates to your wealth building efforts, you can re-focus by becoming more conscious of your actions in the following areas:

1) Being more Aware of your financial outlook

2) Being more Mature about your finances

3) Having a Secure outlook about your future

4) Being of high Character at all times

5) Having an Action mindset daily 

Re-focusing Your Mind for Success by Increasing Your Financial Awareness

  • Awareness 

You must be aware of what is going on and occurring in your financial life on a consistent basis.  You must take a “big picture” view of what is occurring in your financial life, and it does not have to be made difficult if you have the right approach.  Are you AWARE of your monthly income and expenses?

Do you know your annual income, and do you know your outstanding debt?  

Do you know your net worth?

Do you know how to manage your credit effectively at this time? 

Do you know all the areas of your finances that you NEED to address or is it difficult for you to put them all together at this time in a logical manner in your mind? 

You must have a highly effective mental system that you can carry within your mind that allows you to do all the above on the front end—if you desire to maximize your future success!

Even if you do know all the areas (most people don’t)—just knowing is not enough—you must have a systematic approach for improving in all the above-mentioned areas in a manner that will give you the results that you desire or the results that you need to achieve.

Not being aware of any or all the above could be adding unneeded stress and anxiety to your life that you could be living without.  If only you were AWARE of what you needed to know as it relates to your personal finances, and you had an efficient manner for managing what you were aware of—you could “significantly reduce” the stress in your life.

Re-focusing Your Mind for Success by Being More Financially Mature

  • Maturity 

You must take a MATURE approach to managing your finances and not do like many consumers do.

Many consumers do not have a good financial foundation and many have no clue about how they manage their finances or how they will achieve their financial goals and objectives. 

Do you practice solid habits daily with your finances or are you easily distracted and go off on the opposite path of where you intended to go?   If you go in the opposite direction of your future goals on a number of occasions, you may lack the financial maturity that is needed to achieve major success! 

Re-focusing Your Mind for Success by Being More Secure About Your Financial Future

  • Secure 

You must never be insecure as you move toward reaching your future financial goals.  You must feel worthy of the success that you are pursuing, and you must feel comfortable about your path to success.  You must see your future success clearly and you must feel worthy of achieving what you see.  You must always love, honor, and believe in yourself—because if you don’t, why should others?

Re-focusing Your Mind for Success by Being of High Character as You Manage Your Financial Affairs

  • Character

You must be of the highest character and always strive to do the best that is within you in the right manner. 

Regardless of what others may be doing you must do your absolute best regardless of who is or is not looking. 

It is important that you have high standards, and you associate with those who are of high character—and you must make it a habit to seek and engage with those who are of high character daily. 

Re-focusing Your Mind for Success by Having an Action Mindset as You Manage Your Financial Affairs

  • Action Mindset 

You must make it a habit to act immediately on matters of real significance and importance as it relates to your finances. 

By doing so you can put yourself in position to create something new, solve problems for yourself, your family—and humanity! 

You can be a blessing to yourself, your family, and others if you take the right ACTION on a consistent basis.

Do you at this time desire to get started on a serious path to success?

You can NOW do so—by giving it your absolute best!

Final Thoughts on Focusing  

You can develop the right habits that are needed for consistent success if you have the determination and commitment level that is needed to “focus” or “re-focus your mind” on what is important to your future success. 

You must have a “heightened awareness” as it relates to your finances and not be like others that you may be around who are only “going through the motions” and are not AWARE of what is “really” going on around them in their financial life. 

You don’t have to live monthly with uncertainty about what you can and can’t do! 

You don’t have to mismanage your credit and pay creditors huge amounts of interest while you sit by and earn paltry returns. 

You don’t have to have a “confused mind” about how to address all areas of your finances in an appropriate manner. 

You must approach your finances in a more intelligent, consistent, and proactive manner (a more MATURE manner) if you desire to achieve at a high level and truly reach the goals that you desire. 

You must have a SECURE outlook about your future, and you must get a feeling on the inside of you that says in a sincere way—I CAN DO THIS, and I WILL DO THIS! 

As you pursue your goals you must always be of high CHARACTER, and you must know that by pursuing your goals in a righteous manner—you can achieve more—and you can do more during your lifetime! 

You must have an ACTIVE MINDSET as by having one you can do more and achieve more.  Whether you now know it or not—you have the ability to achieve much more on a daily basis and it all starts with you thinking that you can do more—putting a plan in place to do more—and then actually doing more by taking action. 

The active use of your mind will allow you to “re-focus on what you need to focus on” at a higher level of thought and will take you towards the future goals that you desire for yourself and your family at a much faster pace than if you did not do so.

You must from this point forward realize that it is "your responsibility" to be aware of what needs to be done in your financial life. 

Even if you are immature in other areas of your life—now is the time to approach your finances in a mature manner.  

You are responsible for securing a prosperous future for yourself and your family and you must be of high character as you take that journey.   You are responsible for gaining the right habits that can help you get to where you need or want to go in an efficient manner. 

You must develop a mindset to take the right action when it is in your best interest to do so!  You must do so in an intense and immediate fashion and really put your heart into it if you desire to achieve at your highest level. 

You must realize that it is your responsibility to bring into existence a new reality for yourself and your family—and you must fully understand that no one can do it but you and that is as it should be if you are sincere in making your dreams come true! 

You must understand that even though there have been many overnight sensations—success is far more likely for those who operate on a consistent basis over a period, and many achieve great results by doing so—and you can do the same if you take the right action consistently!

You have the power within to “focus” or “re-focus your energy” on what is important in your financial life and attain the goals that can put you in control of your financial future—and keep you in control—starting today! 

You can do so by consistently applying the principles in this book and pursuing other areas of wealth building knowledge in other ways!

Wealth Building NOW desires that you have a prosperous and productive future where you focus on your finances in a comprehensive manner and by using the focusing tips in this chapter and implementing the 5 steps mentioned above in your life in an intelligent, consistent, and proactive manner—you can start or continue a path to ensuring that you will do just that.

Learn what is inside Wealth Building Now...

Thomas (TJ) Underwood has been providing financial advice as a tax practitioner since the mid 1980’s and began his financial planning career (while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Finance/Marketing), in Detroit at Wayne State University.  From 2010 up to the present he continues to provide visitors timely personal finance and wealth building advice and articles—including real estate advice—on 3 sites that he has created since 2010. 

Even though he is an active real estate Broker in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, he continues to blog consistently to help visitors and those who desire lasting financial and life changing success the opportunity to change their life for the better in a more efficient way. 

You can learn more about him and gain access to all three sites that he has created by going to Who is the creator of page.

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